My mind thinks I am always the Hero of the story.

The whole world revolves around me.

There is always one movie that is being played.

The name of that move is “Me! Me! Me!”

I don’t want email. I want me-mail.

My job…

My relationships…

My health….

My writing…. And so on.

It is very natural for our mind to keep thinking about ourselves. Our mind’s job is to protect us and increase our status.

And that is fine. We are humans, and that is how we are wired.

Rarely does the mind think about, “Oh, how can I propel my colleague’s career to the next level.”

This “Me! Me! Me!” movie can really affect relationships.

The way in which we can improve our relationship with a colleague, friend, or spouse could be taking an interval in between this movie.

We take a pause. We stop the mental drama. And we look at someone else.

We look at our Dad and ask ourselves, “What is he thinking?”

We look at our colleague and ask ourselves, “What is she worried about?”

We really try to see the world through their eyes.

Of course, we would be wrong multiple times.

Of course, many times we can’t solve their problems.

And that is okay. We just need to be present.

At least you can assess the situation with complete awareness.

Just “Me! Me! Me!” won’t help in creating great relationships.