Everyone should have their own blog, or a youtube channel or a podcast.

Everyone should set a discipline and create content for these channels.

Why should one do this?


  1. You get better at your medium –

If you start blogging, after 10 blog articles, your writing starts improving. After 50 blogs, it becomes even better! Same goes for the youtube channel – In your first video, you could be very awkward… in the 10th video, less awkward.. and in the 50th video, you become a lot better!

  1. You get clarity –

As you start building your brand and putting out content, you start discovering your voice. You start getting clarity about the work that you really want to do. Slowly and steadily, you start ‘building your purpose’.

  1. You generate trust and credibility –

Imagine going to an interview or a meeting and just showing them your blog, which has around 100 high-quality articles. What kind of an impression will that create? Wouldn’t it earn you tremendous respect and trust?


Do it. Do it from today.