Mass emailing “Happy New Year” wishes to your email list does not work.

How many clients or prospects actually bother reading your email newsletter? How many of them reply back?

The fundamental question is – why are we sending these emails in the first place?

Is it just because all the other brands are doing the same thing?

The reason that most people do not connect with a template email, is that they know that the email is not personal or special. They know that it has been sent to many more people.

What is the alternative here?

The alternative is being human. The alternative is not too spam, but do the hard-work of bringing your humanness in the communication.

Marketers have forgotten what it is to ‘be a human’.

Remember how our parents used to write letters? They were filled with emotion. Letters were a human way of communicating.

But Pranav, is it possible? Is it feasible? Is it worth it?

I am not suggesting that you spend 7 days in crafting personal Happy New year emails to your clients. But I am sure that you can spend 4 hours writing well-crafted personalised emails for them. This approach is hard, of course. But we are not here to do easy things, are we?

We are here to make an impact with our work. We are here to make our relationship with our clients more human and less robotic.