There is one way of Marketing where the product is given to you and then you as a Marketer are supposed to market it.

“Take this bottled-water and sell 1 million of these.”

“This is the ice-cream chain that we have, market this for us.”

“We offer these Software Development services, help us with our branding.”

In these cases, the product is already ready, and hence the Marketer can hardly do anything to make any changes in the product. The product may be brilliant, or it may be crappy… the Marketer simply has to put his head down and work.

And then there is another way of Marketing, where the Marketer is invited to the creative process itself. In this case, the Marketer and the creator collaborate at the start of the project, not when the product is shipped.

In this case, the Marketer has much better control over all the aspects of the product, thus giving him a better chance to market it successfully.