I remember the first time I came across Google. It gave me answers to all my questions. With just a click of a button, I knew how to install a particular game on my PC. I also knew how to open a beer bottle and set up the Microwave. 

The beauty of the Internet is that it gives access to all the ‘How-To’ Content in the world. This Content helps us solve problems. 

As Creators, though, creating ‘How-To’ Content is a bad idea. 

In this article, let’s talk about  ‘How to’ Content, why it is ineffective, and why we should create ‘How to Think Content’ instead. 

1. What is How to Content?

Think of ‘How-to’ content as a tactical, step-by-step guide. It offers a sequence of instructions to help you accomplish a specific task or achieve a desired outcome.

– 5 easy steps to create the perfect blog post.

– How to make Kale juice in 3 minutes

– How to get started with mutual fund investments


The internet is filled with content pieces like these. Creators, Coaches, and Founders feel the need to show the world that they are experts and start creating ‘How-To’ Content. An SEO Consultant starts posting SEO tips, while a Graphic Designer starts sharing tips on ‘best practices for designing a logo.’

You can already see what the problem is, don’t you?


2. The limitations of How-to-content

The challenge with ‘How-to Content’ is that almost everyone does the same! This creates heaps and heaps of similar content on the internet. Amidst this chaos, expert content or’ How-To’ Content gets lost, never to be found again. 

How-to content is about getting to the end

A simple test helps determine if your content is ‘How-To-Content’. Just ask yourself this question – 

“Will the audience enjoy the journey, or do they want to get to the end?”

If I read the article ‘5 tips to design your logo,’ I would not have been interested in the journey. I want to get to the end. Tell me the 5 tips already! I want to know the 5 tips and go home. 


But when it comes to watching Breaking Bad

I did not want it to end. I could have skipped to the last episode of Breaking Bad to find out what happened to Walter White, but I didn’t. In fact, I avoided spoilers at all costs. The journey was important to me. 


When it’s about the destination

The brand doesn’t build any connection with the audience. Think about the last website that you went to look for ‘How To’ Content. Perhaps it was the website where you wanted to check ‘How to pack your bag’ or ‘How to change the light bulb’. Did you feel a sense of connection with the brand? 


Because ‘How-To’ content is commodity content. I can find it anywhere. 

The alternative is ‘How-To-Think’ Content.

  1. What is How-To-Think content 

‘How-to-think’ goes beyond mere information and provides insights. This type of content makes the reader’s eyes go wide. Their heart starts racing as they feel an invisible pull towards the brand. 


Perhaps this article that you are reading right now. You are still reading it, and either you are thinking, ‘Pranav is an idiot,’ or you think, ‘Hmmm, Pranav seems like an interesting guy. Our philosophies align. Maybe I should subscribe to his email list.

But in no way is this article giving you 4 tips or showcasing me as an expert. My mere intention is to share a perspective. 

How-To Content might not give you steps, but it gives you perspectives. It might give you a template, but it never gives you formulas. 

If you are looking to know more about such type of content, almost all content created by Jonathan Stark, Louis Grenier and Jay Acunzo is ‘How to Think’ Content. (In fact, a lot of what I have covered in this article, I have learned from Jay Acunzo. Thanks Jay!)


To Summarise

‘How to’ content will get lost in the noise. ‘How to Think Content’ will make your content stand out and take the audience on a journey. A journey that is filled with excitement, insights, aha moments, and light bulb moments.