How can freelance Marketers attract great clients


Almost all the marketers have worked with lousy clients, in the past.

Lousy clients are a pain.

They rob us of our happiness. They do not value our work. They do not pay us on time. They consider us as an expense, rather than thinking of us as an investment.

More importantly, the psychological effects are harmful. Lousy clients are detrimental to our confidence. They make us question our own abilities. 

But then why do Marketers with lousy clients anyway?

We get lousy clients because we are afraid.

The scarcity mindset holds us back. Fear holds us back.

We hesitate to turn them down.

“Oh Pranav, if I saw ‘No’ to this client, I might miss out on an opportunity to make money.”, my students tell me.

Our fear says, “Be realistic”.

Be realistic, because all the clients are like that.

Perfect clients do not exist.

Stop living in fantasies.

Don’t be arrogant.

And so on.

I totally resonate with this fear. I have had my share of really bad clients.

But there came a point, when my back was against the wall, that I said, “No more“.

I made a decision.

I decided to not work with lousy clients.

And yes, things slowly started changing.

It was not easy of course.

But as I started working with great clients, I started getting better results for them. Here is one email that I got from one of my clients –


Do you know what is the biggest lie of all?

Most of the Marketers believe if you work with enough lousy clients, you get to work with great clients. We hope that bad clients are in fact a stepping stone towards great clients.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In fact, we are at a crossroads. Great clients lie on a different path altogether.

Lousy clients are not a stepping stone towards finding great clients.

Lousy clients and great clients lie on different paths altogether.

At this point, you might be getting skeptical. All of this might seem too idealistic for you.

This Pranav is a dreamer… he makes everything seem so easy.

Well, hold on, tiger. I never said it is easy. In fact, its hard work.

But, it is possible.

As cliche as it may sound, we have one life. I would rather work with clients, which give me happiness… which bring me fulfillment, and which help me grow.

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