Image credits: B Rosen

As the name suggests, in Content Marketing for One, you have only one person in the audience.

I have used ‘Content Marketing for One’ multiple times. I have made a few mistakes along the way. Sometimes, it has worked brilliantly.

So here is one story of how I attracted a great client by using this strategy –

Once upon a time, there was this one guy who had asked a marketing-related question on a forum. Somehow, his question got my attention. After checking his website, I realized that the values of his business really align with my values.

I felt really motivated to help him.

I spent around an hour understanding his business. The hour after that was tense and exciting at the same time. I started putting together a Marketing Strategy for his brand.

I put together a presentation for him, where I explained the things that he was doing wrong and gave him directions about the things that he could do.

I recorded a video of presenting the ppt and sent it to him.

It’s important to note here, that I did not ask for anything in return.

I simply gave away everything for free.

There was nothing that I kept behind a curtain.

Guess what happened next?

I didn’t get a response.

One week.


Two weeks.


Honestly, I didn’t feel too sad. It is quite fun to make a strategy and help someone, no?

And then, finally, he responded.

He sent a huuuuge email, thanking me for taking out the time and to convey that he was really impressed with the work that I had put in. He also apologized for the delay in responding and explained to me that the delay had happened because he was unwell. 

And here is the most amazing part – He said he wanted to work with me.

I repeat – I had not mentioned anything about wanting to work together. But just this act of showing up, and offering my work generously, had stunned him and impressed him at the same time.

I responded to the email saying, “Thank you so much! I will definitely consider your proposal of working together.”

But that wasn’t it. He didn’t have patience. He was so impressed, that he didn’t even want to wait. He wanted me on board asap.

I was not chasing him. He was chasing me.

This, my friends, is known as “Content Marketing for one”.


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