The Mindful Marketing Workshop

A workshop which pushes you to answer the difficult questions first!

Why isn’t your Marketing working?

Well, I am not arrogant enough to say that I know the answer. But have you considered this?

Far too often, we start our Marketing with steps like creating a Facebook page or an Instagram account. Then we start focus on things like being louder than your competition, interrupting people, getting more and more fans, etc. When this doesn’t work, we become frustrated, confused and then pump in more money in the campaign!

The Mindful Marketing Workshop is a 2-day activity-based workshop, which will help you tackle the difficult questions related to Marketing and thus enable  you to make your brand ‘Marketing ready’.

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What’s the promise?

The promise is not that your ROI will increase by 62% or your website traffic will increase by a few thousands.

In this workshop, you will be coming face to face with difficult questions, before your Marketing actually starts… because most of us run away from them! Answering these difficult questions however, is extremely crucial, because otherwise that Facebook post that you created has no value.

Why isn’t your Marketing working? What story are you telling your customers? How are you positioning your brand? Are you being empathetic?

Additionally, after answering these difficult questions, we will also be jumping into tactics and explore Content Marketing strategies, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

The workshop will enable you to answer the difficult questions, and thus give you much-needed clarity about how to execute your Marketing strategies.!

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My Story

I started working in the Digital Marketing world back in 2012. Even though I had the privilege of working with some really amazing clients, wise mentors and cooperative colleagues, there was something missing. Remember that nagging feeling, that something is just not right?

I realised that all the brands around me were trying to compete with each other. They were trying to be louder than each other and in the process were hurting the people and also themselves! I thought to myself, “What is the missing ingredient in Marketing?”

Since then, I have been on a quest to simplify Marketing, and make it more Mindful and selfless, and base it on values like Empathy and Generosity. My dream is to make Marketing more goal-driven and less ego-driven……

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Who is this Pranav Kale and why should I trust him?

I like to call myself a Teacher who aspires to show possibility. In order to discover these possibilities, I like to fail often. In fact, I have an ambition of becoming an expert at failing. 🙂

I have been working in the Marketing Space since 5 years now and been teaching the subject for 3 years! I am a Social Media Trainer with Digital Vidya, one of the biggest Digital Marketing training Institutes in Asia. Till date, I have trained close to 2000 people.

I have also created and executed Marketing strategies for a variety of clients in sectors like education, entertainment, health and wellness, travelling etc.

Here are some of the brands I have worked with.

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More about my work

Workshop Details

This workshop is not a lecture. The 2 day intensive workshop will take the participants through stepwise assignments, so that by the end of it, the participants have answers and actionables!


24th March and 25th March

Workshop Address

Near Chatushrungi, SB Road, Pune
Phone: +91 9021906586

Who should attend?

This workshop is for people who want to make an impact with their ideas. More specifically, this is for Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Soloprenuers and also Freelancers.

Who should NOT attend?

If you are looking for short-cuts, Digital Marketing hacks, making money quickly, and so on… this workshop might not be for you.


Rs. 4200 only

Please note that the payment details will be sent after you fill up the registration form.

There is a money-back guarantee! 

After the workshop, if you feel that the workshop failed to add any value whatsoever, you can apply for a full refund… provided you attended all the sessions on both the days of the workshop.

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This workshop is application based. The purpose of the application is to help us understand if this workshop is a good fit for you. Please take out 5 minutes to fill in the application. Don’t stress out too much. Just be yourself.

Earlier Participants

I am happy that i have got such a good teacher/mentor. He has tremendous knowledge of his subject and has great patience to answer our dumbest questions very politely. Learning from him is fun. I personally never get lost in my own thoughts in his class. He has a capability to capture his audience’s attention through his class. I love the way he taught us. Thanks for being there Sir. All the best for future.

Sarmishta Das

Super cool in teaching,holding depth knowledge of digital marketing and more than that an amazing human being.

Shivansh Parashar

As a teacher he is excellent, well connected to the topic, always keep session very much intractive, I always have fun in his lectures coz he is also good friend at the same time to whom you can tell or ask anything….!!

Divyansh Dokania

Pranav is one teacher who can be easily categorised as a “Friend, Philosopher and Guide” kind. His valuable insights have helped me become a decent social media marketing executive. It’s great that he makes himself available to answer his students queries everytime they are in soup! Always be this way Pranav!

Farah Jahan

He has been a brilliant teacher..always has been a fun.learning in all the sessions..I see him not only as a teacher but as a mentor as well to whom i can look upon at any point of time and discuss things.. Always there for help and would like to be associated with Pranav Kale sir..

Anurag Moitra

Having Pranav in your team is like having an insurance to your Business. His experience, maturity and analytical skills helps one decide the pros and cons when it comes to important decision making. He is also keen to learn new things changing in the digital world and tries to adapt it to his work culture. I strongly recommend Pranav for his expertise in Digital Marketing.

Kabir Kate


Both. For an experienced Marketer or an Entrepreneur this workshop could be the missing piece of the puzzle, and for a beginner, this workshop will lay the foundation.

Basic English skills.

Of course not. I do not know the answers. But the good news is that, you do. The workshop will give you the necessary steps and tools to start digging the answers.. And trust me, the marketing becomes much easier when the difficult questions are answered first.

A laptop, a notebook and a compassionate mind.

Glimpses from the past