In this episode of Email StoryTelling, I talk about how Marketers can become selfish and try to trap people in their funnel, by using lead magnets.
Lead Magnet is an opportunity for your audience to keep in touch with you.
There is no need for you to trick them and force them.
Instead, provide value first. And then politely ask if they want to keep in touch.

I have undertaken a new project. I am calling it Email storytelling.

The idea is simple-

I am executing a project, which is intended to help Online Course Creators with Marketing. Through this project, anyone who is creating an online course would be able to Market their course in a Strategical way, and thus leading to better results.

The project will be executed through Email Marketing… and more importantly, storytelling will be a key element in the whole process.

I plan to document the whole journey and share with everyone my success and my failure.


Intro music credits: Dan O songs.

The purpose of the boat is to reach the shore. The boat is not the end destination. The boat is simply a means to an end. We can’t afford to get too attached to the boat.

Apparently, Digital Marketers are mistaking the boat for a shore. And they need to wake up.

In this episode, I talk about what lies at the heart of Marketing. And Marketers need to step away from “Digital” and move towards the heart…

Intro music credits: Dan O songs.