A free live training session for the Akimbo Alumni

For a Creator who is looking to build deep, meaningful relationships with his audience, Email Marketing is a blessing.

While email marketing might not seem as sexy as social media marketing, email marketing is highly effective. The conversations that take place over emails are much more personal and intimate.

Emails provide us with an excellent opportunity to earn the trust of the people we seek to serve.

We are not interested in the selfishly done, spammy email marketing. There is a way of doing Email Marketing, that is generous, and driven by empathy and stories.

That being said, getting started with email marketing can get overwhelming. There are too many decisions to take.

And hence, I am offering this session to the Akimbo community. 🙂

What will be covered in this 45 minutes session?

  1. Getting started with email marketing
  2. What is an email list? Why are you building it? What are the characteristics of an email list?
  3. Knowing your audience.
  4. Make assertions
  5. Editorial calendar. How to take the audience from A to B. 
  6. Q and A (In this Q and A session, I would love to get deep into the email struggles of all the participants)
  7. Why every Creator needs Email marketing instead of social media? Because every creator wants to build relationships. Email marketing is a better channel for that.
  8. How to start? Start where you are. You already know.
  9. Understand your audience
  10. Make assertions and start writing content.

I want to be able to help the Akimbo alumni with specific questions, and hence the total attendance will not be more than 7 people.

Who is Pranav?

I am a Marketing Consultant, but mostly a teacher. I have been a part of the Akimbo family since quite some time and have participated in numerous workshops. My mission is to help brands become more human, and create deep, meaningful relationships with the people they seek to serve.

Why am I doing this?

This is not a clever sales pitch, under the disguise of a webinar. There is nothing that I intend to sell at the end of this live training. I am doing this for 2 reasons –

  1. I love ravens and the work that they do.
  2. I do not claim to be an expert in Email Marketing. But teaching what I know, helps me learn better.

Date: 17th May

Time: 11 AM ET