Image credits: MIKI Yoshihito

Do you know the most important thing that makes a good cup of coffee?

Is it the temperature of your flame?

Does it depend on the apparatus that you are using to make the coffee?


Anyway, we will come back to coffee in a bit. Let us talk about email marketing for a bit.

Approximately, after every 2 days or so, I come across a Marketer who says, “Email Marketing is dead.” Every time I hear this, I feel a tinge of anger within me. It’s hard for me to not judge this hot-shot Marketer.

Email marketing is far from being dead.

In fact, in this competitive, noisy world… Email could be the only thing that is alive.

But yes, selfishly done Email Marketing is dead.

Ever wonder, why the Email campaigns of most of the organizations are struggling? Why is it that the audience simply refuses to open their emails? Why has the audience stopped caring about these emails?

And what do we do when we get low open rates?

We change the subject line…

We send 2 emails per week, instead of one email per week…

We change our email service provider…

Give me a break. Please.

Changing the subject line in order to make your campaign work, is like hoping that changing the pen that you use would make you a better writer.

But instead, there is something deeper at play here…

Most of the quick-fix schemes are a scam, and most of the genuine answers are un-sexy.

Without a strong foundation, a building crumbles.

And so does your email campaign.

Oh, by the way, what makes a good cup of coffee?

Roasting your own beans. Ask any coffee connoisseur. That’s what they do.

It seems that going to the root is the best way of solving a problem.

It’s how your beans are roasted. That’s what matters. Because that’s where it starts. And while it’s tempting for me to buy a new mocha put, to make better coffee… it is perhaps a better idea to buy top quality beans and roast them in a top-quality way.


You see, the best way to solve a problem is to attack the problem at its core.

Most of the email marketing out there is done without empathy, stories, and care. This Email marketing is disrespectful towards the audience, and hence it does not work anymore. 

The alternative is to engage in Email Marketing that has a strong foundation.

If you sign up, over the next few days, I will send you a few emails that will help you create a strong foundation for your email campaign, so that your execution becomes 1000 times easier.

Oh, and it’s free.