How do we turn this around?

Amidst all this chaos… what is a better way to do things?

The better thing to do is harder, of course. Hard, not in terms of the ‘hustle’, but in terms of the mindset.

We change the mindset, by being aware of our fear.

We will choose the path of focus.

The long-game…

The path where we do not focus on the shiny object…

We do not run behind one social media platform after another…

We focus on the strategy.

We focus on creating a strong foundation.

We can prepare and launch our Online Course and have a 100 percent guarantee that it will generate profits…


Focussing small is scary, but it kills anxiety

Paradox, right?

Focussing small might feel scary in the short-run. But in the long-run, it kills our anxiety.

When we delay instant gratification, we give ourselves a better chance of succeeding in the long run.

When we keep testing and trying out things, we encounter a lot of small failures. But these failures are not fatal.

Uncomfortable, yes.

But not fatal.

Because the idea here is to make our online course work for a small group. Because then we can scale later.

We can create a system, using which we can have assured profits.


Talk to 10 people

Lets start with the simplest exercise.

It’s easy to find 10 people, no?

Identify the 10 people, who you want to help with your online course. Ask them these 3 questions – 

Q1: What is your current challenge related to X?

Q2: What have you done so far to solve this problem?

Q3: How would your life look like if this problem is solved?

The first question gives your target market an opportunity to share their challenges with you. 

The second question is my favorite. The second question is the one which separates “the doers” from “the complainers”. Let me expand on that.

We like to complain about a lot of things. We love complaining about the weather. We love to complain about pollution. We love to complain about the mismanagement that takes place in government offices. However, how many times do we get our hands dirty and actually work towards making things better?

Honestly, there are only a few things that we actually work towards making better. 

And for your online course to work, you need people who take action.

It is much easier to convince a “doer” to take your online course because he already knows the problem. He has already suffered a lot and wants to get out of this problem.

There are high chances that he is willing to pay you money to solve that problem.

The third question gives you further insight into the challenges of the target market.


What’s next?

There are different strategies and tactics that I have put together in order to help Online Course Creators launch a profitable Online Course. The intention here is to help Online Course Creators get clarity about how they should approach this challenging project.

In order to get your hands on these strategies, just fill in this form, and I will drop into your inbox now and then.

I will see you on the other side. 😉