We are drowning in content. Commodity content.

There could be 2 pieces of content that are so similar that even if you swapped the names of the creators, nobody would be able to tell the difference.

How do you stand out?

It starts by having a unique point of view.

With this unique point of view, your brand gets a story and a mission.

You now have chosen –

  1. A villain that you are fighting against
  2. A big idea that you are promoting

The best example of David Cancel, the ex-CEO of Drift, who decided to stand against Lead forms. Another example is Jonathan Stark, who decided to attack the villain of “Hourly Billing”.

With a unique POV, you can instantly strike a chord with the audience. Not with everyone, but with someone.

This ‘someone’ feels emotionally connected to your brand and is pulled towards it.

It’s worth investing your time and energy in thinking about your POV.