Here’s my writing goal for 2024 – detach from outcomes and focus on preparation.

In 2023, there was a tiny phase where I found myself craving appreciation, likes, and comments on my posts. After a heart-to-heart with my wife, I realized it was a futile endeavor.

My goal now is to keep writing with more preparation. As a writer, I have always lacked it.

My usual habit is showing up and letting my thoughts, intuition, and feelings guide my writing. And while that approach has worked, I think it’s time to level up.

I want to be like a Michelin chef, where all the ingredients are already in place before I start cooking.

What if, the night before –

– I already know what I need to write
– I know the outline of my article/post
– The objections I want to handle
– The story I want to tell

All of this is in place?

Would it help my writing?

I hope so. Let’s find out.