It was the summer of 1991 when a blogger wrote the article “3 tips to lose weight”. The article went viral.

Today, if you use that as a title for your article, not even your mother would read it.

It’s too bland. The messaging doesn’t pull in the audience.

Yes, your audience wants to lose weight. But they are done with transactional posts like these. The audience needs to be invited into your world by using a story that resonates.

“You are not losing weight, because you are trying too hard” is a story.

“You are not losing weight, because you are NOT trying too hard” is also a story.

Both these stories would work for different audiences.

Story number 1 is used to Cross-fit. 

Story number 2 is used by Flexible-diet nutritionists.

Your story matters. A good story cuts through the noise and pulls the audience.