A friend recently started a YouTube channel on “Badminton.” It’s probably going to fail.

Here’s where he is struggling – All the videos on his channel have already been created by other YouTube channels that talk about Badminton.

– How to hit a back-hand
– How to hit a smash
– How to run to return a drop, etc.

All of this is commodity content. Content that has been created by many. Content that gets buried and lost.

There are essentially two ways for my friend to succeed.

He needs to pick a niche audience. For example – Badminton for kids between 8 to 12 years living in Pune. With a specific target audience, his content can become much more relevant.

The other way to succeed would be to have a very specific, clear point of view. For example – Badminton is to be played for recreation. This YouTube channel helps you avoid injuries and adds longevity to your game.

Either Niche down or have a point of view. Or do both.