Why do we struggle to articulate our thoughts clearly?

There are two main elements to our writing –

1. What you want to say
2. How you want to say it

Don’t even try doing both these simultaneously. It will be a mess. You would be as confused as a camel stuck at the South Pole.

Here’s a simple way forward.

Vomit on a piece of paper. Don’t edit. Just write. As you go on vomiting, you get clear about what you want to convey.

‘Oh, this is what I want to convey. Got it. Now let me fix this mess. And see how I can make this presentable.’

And now edit your heart out. Cut out the verbose words. Add a story. Give it a better structure. Like an architect.

Remember, Step 1. And then step 2. Not together.

Leave the poor camel along. The South Pole belongs to the penguins.