So here I was, at a monastery in Nepal, sitting on a meditation cushion, … eyes shut tightly, trying to be aware of my breath. In breath, out breath. In breath, out breath. Hmmm… sandwich and pizza… with coke… ok sorry sorry… in breath, out breath, in breath, out breath… ah that girl is so darn cute… in breath, out breath… argh… my right knee hurts!

Clearly, I needed help. My mind was as distracted as a donkey in a field of carrots. I was trying to bring my back mind back, but despite my best efforts, it kept going astray.

A similar thing happens when we sit down to write. While we want to produce coherent, crisp content that deeply resonates with the reader, our mind goes in a million different directions. We decide to create a sharp spear but end up creating a gooey shapeless blob. The reader is confused.

The question then is – How do we get coherence? How do write clearly without getting lost in the clutter of our minds?

We get it through a process called outlining. Outlining helps make our articles crisp, concise, and to the point.

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