“Should I choose LinkedIn or Twitter?” she asked.

“I think Twitter suits my writing more,” she told me.

Before she completed her sentence, I blurted out, “Linkedin, of course”!

I love LinkedIn much more than Twitter. LinkedIn has worked for me; I was crystal clear that she should be following the same path I did.

The moment I said it, though, I regretted it.

Her shoulders dropped. It was like seeing a ballon that was floating with excitement, suddenly lost its air. I could see her inhibitions, even though she was trying to follow what she thought was the best ‘marketing practice’.

What she needed in that moment was not my biases. She needed a win. A start. Already drowning in self-doubts, she did not need my biases to make her journey harder.

When it comes to writing – You do you. Don’t listen to anybody else. Not even me. It’s important to get the first win, and it doesn’t matter where it comes from.