Here’s an important storytelling tip. So listen up, close. And don’t tell this secret to anyone.


Have you ever noticed how the start and end of a movie are the exact opposite?

Take Jurrasic Park. Alan Grant (the protagonist) doesn’t like children. By the end of the movie, he starts loving them.

Po, from Kung Fu Panda, is under-confident and full of self-doubts. He is looking for an answer outside himself that would make him feel ‘complete.’ Towards the end, he realizes that he should accept himself the way he is. 

Aragorn from Lord of The Rings is the rightful heir of the King but is reluctant to become one. Finally, he accepts his destiny and becomes crowned the King.

Here’s my point – Decide the insight that you want your audience to have. Then flip it. Use the opposite of that insight at the start of the story.

How do you use this in your content? I talk about that in this video –