A few years back, I did something crazy for my clients. What I did was unconventional, out of any textbook… and yet, my clients were delighted.

2 days before Diwali, I put on the shiniest Kurta I had and spent an entire afternoon recording personalized videos for my clients. No copy-paste. Each video was personalized, done thoughtfully and everything came straight from the heart.

I talked about what I liked about our working relationship, the one thing I admired about them, and a particular incident when I learned something from our interaction.

The result?

My relationship with my clients grew 10 times stronger.

Remember, I could have done something more efficient. I could have written an email and broadcast it to all my clients. Or I could have recorded one video and sent it to everyone. And it would have failed.

We live in a world where everyone is in a hurry. And so we move to templates without realizing how ineffective and boring templates are. There is zero emotion in the interaction.

The lesson for me – Stop being efficient. Create magic.