Almost the entire internet puts out boring content. But not you.

You bring humanity and stories into your writing.

Here’s how you can make a boring story into an interesting one –

Story 1 –
“I went on a solo trip to Bali, Indonesia. The food was so good! I went to beaches and temples and did some rafting on the Ayung River.”

This is how most of our friends tell us travel stories, and we can’t wait for them to finish. The story is boring because it doesn’t touch me in any way.

Okay, let’s try again.

Story 2 –
“I took a solo trip to Bali and met this incredibly nice cab driver. He told me he had been driving a cab for 20 years to support his family. And the most beautiful part? He loves his job.”

Okay, slightly better. But still, something is missing. There is no insight. No transformation.

Okay, let’s try again.

Story 3 – 
“I was unhappy with my job and wondered if I should quit. I was unhappy with the city I was living in. Maybe I should move to a new place? What should I change about my life to be happy?

I decided to take a vacation and went on a solo trip to Bali. During the ride from the airport to my hotel, I met a cab driver who had been driving for 20 years.

The most beautiful part? He loves his job! He said that his job allowed him to pay money for his Son’s college fees, who is now on his way to becoming an Engineer.

I realized that happiness is a story that we tell ourselves. Instead of chasing happiness, can I find happiness right here, right now, without changing anything in my external world?”

Boom, there you have it—a transformation.

The story just went from worse to better.