Give your audience insights, not information.

Why not?

1. Information is transactional.

If I want to know how to fix a leaking tap. I don’t care about the source of this information. In fact, it’s possible that I won’t visit the same website again.

2. Information is not about enjoying the journey. It’s about going to the endpoint.

It’s like reading a manual. I just want to assemble the darn juicer. I don’t care about the journey – the destination is what matters to me.

3. The audience doesn’t feel connected with the brand that gives information. For them, it’s a commodity.

I could find 100 sources that tell me how to write headlines for my sales page. All of them are just the same for me – commodities.

But we see informational content everywhere.

(A quick aside – One of the easiest ways to spot informational content is listicles. Example – “3 ways to peel a banana” and “5 ways to dance with an empty Old Monk bottle on your head”.)

Insights are different. They make your audience’s eyes go wide. The audience frowns as a light bulb goes off inside their head. After consuming an insight, their world has changed ever so slightly.

Unlike reading a manual, this is not about reaching the endpoint. Imagine watching “The Breaking Bad” and skipping to the last episode to understand the climax. No, this is not about the destination. This is about the journey.

This is about connection.