It’s crazy how many Freelancers and Creators have so much to say when they talk. But when they sit down to write…

When they talk, they have opinions, and they can’t stop telling people about their passions, to a point that their spouse tells them, “No work-related conversations at the dinner table, please!”

And when the same people sit down to write, their writing doesn’t reflect that passion. Their writing is timid and sounds like everybody else. The result is boring content that lacks personality and authenticity. They create bland content that is lost, never to be found.

The ONLY way out of this is to write a lot. A daily publishing habit on social media or daily emails can be game-changing. Sure, in the first few days (or months), we publish mediocre content. But once in a while, your true opinions show up. With time, you get better and brave.

If it works out well, a small audience starts gathering around your ideas. 🙂