Before you can sell your product, you need to sell your idea.

So many of us force our products/services down the prospect’s throat prematurely.

By doing this –

  • We don’t stand out from the competition
  • We get rejected
  • It makes us sound desperate
  • We run behind prospects instead of pulling them towards us
  • We end up getting bad clients

Your big idea attracts the right audience to your brand while repelling the wrong ones.

The Big Idea is –

  1. Polarizing – It’s not for everyone
  2. Has a unique point of view
  3. Is backed by proof

Jay Acunzo sells the idea of “building a premise for your podcast” before selling his course on building a podcast premise. Erica Schneider sells her idea that ‘Editing is much more impactful than writing from scratch’ and then sells her course on Editing. Louis Grenier sells the idea of standing out and then sells his workshops and coaching on Positioning.

Idea first. Product later.