Here’s an example of how you can stand out with your content by bringing your unique perspective.

Person A makes websites for Saas brands. He puts out ‘expert content’ such as

  • How to design your home page
  • 3 mistakes to avoid while writing the About Us Page
  • 5 best SEO strategies for 2023 to get traffic

The problem is that expert content gets lost in the noise. There are tens of thousands talking about the same thing. How will your content be noticed and consumed?

Person B also makes websites for Saas brands, but he has a distinct point of view.

He believes the world has too many cluttered websites, and his mission is to create an internet with minimalistic websites that provide a great user experience.


The unique angle!

And now his entire content strategy could revolve around this unique angle –

  • A YouTube channel that deconstructs minimalist websites while making case studies out of them
  • A podcast about stories of Saas entrepreneurs who are living minimalist lives
  • A blog that teaches Saas Marketers to live peacefully by helping them create a minimalistic day so that they can get peace (needs re-work)

The possibilities are many.

Once you decide on your unique point of view and your premise, you can tell stories that stand out.

If you are curious about finding your unique angle, this article is what you need to read.