Information is boring. Stories change people.

But how exactly do you tell a story?

Here’s an easy framework that you can use to tell stories through your Copy and Content –

  • Status Quo
  • Complication
  • Resolution

Status Quo – The current situation in the Hero’s world.

Complication – This is the tension that the hero is facing.

Resolution – The tension is resolved as the Hero gets an insight.

Example –

Status Quo – I work in a software company, and I make a good amount of money.

Complication – The money is good, but I have neglected my health. It’s becoming harder by the day to fit into my pants.

Resolution – I started going to the gym. It’s been three months, and I have lost around 8 kgs. The pants fit on nicely.

Two problems with this story.

  1. While this story uses the basic framework, it’s still meh. It’s a good start. But it doesn’t have the oomph.
  2. The insight here is ‘go to the gym, and you will lose weight,’ which is not groundbreaking. It’s not something that the audience hasn’t heard, and they might not experience the profound internal transformation you are hoping for.

Let’s revisit it.

Status quo – I work in a software company. While the money is flowing in, my health is deteriorating by the day. The jeans no longer fit, and the T-shirts no longer hide my belly.

(Okay, so the status quo is more or less the same. I have added more detail to give it some flavor. )

Complication – I joined the most expensive gym in my locality, hired a trainer with six-pack abs, and a nutritionist with 13 certificates to her name. The goal was to lose significant weight in 8 weeks. They put me on a fancy diet and an intense gym workout. Did it work? Yes, for a total of 2 weeks. After which, I failed to stick to the regimen and ended up gaining all the lost weight.

(Hopefully, at this stage, you have started empathizing with this dude. You feel his pain. Subconsciously, you may have started cheering for him).

Resolution – I realized I don’t need a fancy diet or a crazy gym workout. I need a set of habits that don’t drastically change my lifestyle. I need to make changes that I can sustain in the long run. Quick fixes don’t work. I don’t need an 8-week plan but more of a 10-year plan.

So tell me, will you tell a story? Or will you keep bombarding your audience with information?