I happened to listen to the conversation between Jay Acunzo and Joe Glover over the weekend. Two of the nicest guys with a 3-syllable first name shared some wisdom on Marketing.

​Here are my takeaways (along with my notes)

Don’t be the best. Be their favorite

“Our product is the best,” said every Marketer on the planet.

​“Best”, however, is relative. Superman is physically stronger than Batman. On a rational scale, he is ‘better.’ But Batman fans don’t care. They love Bruce Wayne way too much.

Being the best isn’t the point. How can you be their favorite? How can you inspire them?

Reach is how many people see it. Resonance is how much they care

Go into a random meeting, and you would find the CMO asking his team, “How many people did we reach this month?”. Reach is as useful as the Yoga mat in my bedroom. It means nothing! What truly matters is how many people resonated with your Marketing.

Think of marketing as concentric circles

The traditional marketing funnel consists of TOFU, MOFU, BOFU, DOFU, KungFu and FUFU.

This funnel is about ‘annoying the many to convert a few’.

Instead of a traditional funnel, think of your marketing funnel as concentric circles. The innermost circle is the die-hard fans. The circle outside that is the people who like you. The outer-most circle consists of strangers.

Can you help your die-hard fans to spread the word about you to outer circles?

Thank you, Jay and Joe.