A 2-day workshop, that helps agency Marketers to 

  • Position a brand 
  • Create a brand story
  • Figure out right the right message strategy

Maybe you can relate: 

  • One thing that holds you back

Throughout my career, I have come across some brilliant Marketers. They are extremely good at their craft and their work greatly benefits their clients.

However, one thing that holds them back, is the ability to create a brand story and positioning for their clients. They are too involved in the tactics and so they don’t get a chance to look at Marketing from a bird’s eye view.

  • Marketers that tell stories, win

Marketers who aren’t even that skilled, somehow command more respect – not just with the clients, but also within the agency. These Marketers get to have much more intelligent conversations with the client and can operate as client partners.

  • Clients demand strategists

Are you amazing at Facebook ads? SEO? Content? That’s awesome. However, if you need to do better work, for better clients… this is not going to be enough. 

I was the same before I bumped into Marketers like Seth Godin, Bernadette Jiwa, and Andre Chaperon. After I learned the core of Marketing, from these legends, my worldview completely changed. I dropped the “Digital Marketer” tag, and started thinking of myself as a Marketer who makes the world a little bit better every day. Since then, I have worked with multiple clients and helped them with their strategy, brand story, positioning, and communication.

This is what Seth Godin said to me after one workshop that I did with him.

About Me:

I am a Marketing Consultant, a Podcaster, a Blogger, but mostly a teacher. 

I love using the power of communication to solve business problems. 

I have helped numerous brands with their brand story, messaging, and communication strategy. As a Marketing teacher, I have taught the subject to hundreds of students.

After my agency life, I have worked with multiple organizations – both full time and as a Consultant. I also have a podcast, a weekly blog, and an email list that I love to serve. My teaching career began in 2014, with Digital Vidya, one of the leading training organizations in Asia. I have also taught Marketing to MBA Second Year students. 

Here’s how the Avalokan workshop will help you –

Help your clients with positioning and storytelling

Nothing delights your clients more when you can have a conversation around positioning and brand story. I speak this from personal experience. 

Upskill yourself

The workshop is a brainchild of all my learnings from the workshops that I did with Seth, Bernadette and Andre. Most of the Marketers focus on tactics. With this workshop, you will start putting yourself in a different league. 

Create a powerful personal brand

With positioning and storytelling on your side, you can now brand yourself as a Marketing thinker, and not just a ‘tactician’. 

Close (more) and better clients

Whether you are doing a job or freelancing… with these insights, you would be able to work with better clients. 

Avalokan Marketing Workshop is not just a mere exchange of information. It’s an emotional experience.

The workshop structure

  • The workshop will have a maximum of 7 participants. This is to ensure that peer to peer learning takes place, and everyone gets feedback from me as well as the other participants.
  • The workshop consists of 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday. These sessions will be conducted over Zoom. This time will be used to understand the storytelling and brand positioning frameworks. The participants will be encouraged to work on a live case study so that by the end of the workshop, everyone has successfully built a brand story. 
  • The workshop will come with case studies, worksheets, frameworks, tools, tactics, and everything else that is needed to prepare a brand story.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed. Mutual trust is a crucial element of this workshop. If participants wish to work on actual clients, the information about the same will not be disclosed outside the workshop.
  • There will be 2 coaching calls scheduled after the workshop. The purpose of these calls is to address further questions that participants may have, after having implemented the frameworks for their clients. 

“After attending Pranav’s workshop, I don’t feel like a headless chicken anymore.” – Partha Mehendale, Founder at Yavasura.

“I’ve been to other workshops before and I can safely say Pranav gave me the most value and clarity about marketing my company! He puts a lot of myths to rest.” –  Ayesha Ghandi, Founder at No Thepla Holidays.

What will be covered in the workshop:

The workshop is practical and slightly uncomfortable. Practical, because you would be expected to work on a real project. Uncomfortable, because that’s when the real learning takes place. 

By the end of the workshop and the coaching calls, you would be able to create a strong Brand strategy document for your client, that will include – 

  • The positioning
  • Brand story
  • Audience research
  • The right traction channels 

The real transformation of the workshop is internal.

If you want the client to look at you as a partner, rather than just a vendor… this workshop will take you there.

In other words, the client will stop looking at you as a technician who does what he told. Instead, he now considers you as a Marketing thinker… and a partner. 

Workshop curriculum:

  1. Articulating the brand mission. 
  2. Understanding the audience  – Rogers curve, audience research, uncovering emotional benefits, creating empathy maps
  3. Positioning exercise using frameworks
  4. Brand story creation – Defining the brand enemy, the Hero, the end-goal, it’s relevance in the existing world. 
  5. Creating a purple cow
  6. Using the principles of “Tribe” by Seth Godin, to create a loyal fan-base for your brand.

This is not a theoretical workshop. At every stage, you would be handed off case studies and real-world examples that explain these concepts in detail. 

Date: 19th and 20th December

Time: 10 am to 2 pm


  • Agency package

Any Marketing agency in India is eligible for this package. With this package, the agency can book all 7 seats for the workshop. The workshop will then be tailored in such a way, that it addresses only the specific clients in the agency. The participants can come up with the actual clients that they are working with. Consider this, as an intervention or a strategy building session for the entire cohort of your clients. After this session, the agency will walk away with 7 strategies for their 7 respective clients.

The Total Cost is Rs. 24,500

If you are interested in the agency slot, fill up this form and I will get in touch with you.

  • Individual package

For an individual participant, the cost total of the workshop is Rs. 4400. 

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Note: I do not give discounts and I do not negotiate. In fact, that’s a red flag. If you like negotiating, this workshop might not be for you. 

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