Every day we have broadly 3 types of interactions.

  1. Positive
  2. Negative
  3. Neutral

Negative interactions reduce our energy, motivation, and overall happiness. They lower our state of being.

Neutral reactions don’t affect us much.

Positive interactions elevate our state of being.

The examples of positive interactions are many. Anyone could architect these interactions.

It can be an Uber driver who was patient with you when you struggled to find the direction.

It could be your maid who saw that you are unwell and decided to do things that she is not supposed to do.

It could be a waiter who smiles at you because you are being indecisive about your order.

These interactions are precious.

Similarly, when the other person interacts with you, you have the option – of either elevating his state or lowering his state.

The question that we can ask ourselves is – WIth every action that I take or every word that I utter, am I elevating the being of the person I am talking to?


P.S. –

The interesting thing is – When we increase someone else’s state… it is almost impossible to not let our own state get elevated!