Numbers are powerful. They tell us what the reality is. Data gives us insight into the truth.

Instead of letting my gut feeling decide if I have blood pressure or not, I can simply check it by using a machine. It will give me the truth.

However, art is not completely rational. It is not number-driven. It cannot be quantified.

There are no instructions that an entrepreneur follows, which can make his company successful.

Steve Jobs did not follow instructions from a manual because of which Apple became successful.

A mother while consoling her child doesn’t follow an instruction manual or any numbers. She simply brings her humanity and her intuition in the game.

Numbers can never tell us if our action will be successful or not.

An artist can look at the numbers to stay grounded in the truth.

But the artist also needs to depend on his intuition and his gut feeling in making art.

That will be scary of course… but it needs to be done.