Image credits: orangemania

We as human beings are awesome at spotting danger.

On a white blackboard, we are quickly able to spot the black colored dot, even though the remaining 99.99 % of the board is white.

Similarly, in our lives, it is easy to focus on the one negative aspect of our lives.

It is easy to focus on the things that are wrong… that are not working out.

This happens because our ancestors were always on the lookout for danger. This alertness kept them alive.

I believe, that it requires conscious effort to also look at 99.99% of the other things, which are actually perfect.

If we make an effort to make to acknowledge the things in our life that are going really well, gradually it becomes a habit.

It doesn’t come naturally to us because it is against our biology.

And hence, we have to make it a practice. 🙂