When you make an attempt to teach people and lead people to a better future, you will come across feedbacks.

Broadly, you will get 2 types of feedbacks.

Some people will tell you how you are wrong. They will reach out to you to simply tell you that they disagree.

Now you can try to change these people. But you will never win this battle. These guys have already made up their minds.

Ignore such feedback.

Now, there will also be people who are genuinely curious about what you have to say.

If they don’t understand something, they will come and ask you for further clarification. They might disagree with you on certain things. But this disagreement will be raised only when they make an attempt to understand you.

They are mainly trying to learn from you.

Cherish these people. Cherish their questions. Spend a lot of time on these guys. They are your students.

Separating a student from a critic is really essential.

Do not waste your time in a critic.