Image credits: Elisa Bracco

There is something quite weird about a “compassionate moment”.

And when I say “weird”, I don’t mean it in a negative way. Not at all. In fact, just the opposite.

In a compassionate moment, everything else seems to dissolve.


When you feed water to a thirsty kitten…

when you help a blind person cross the road…

when you sit with a stressed-out intern and help her with a problem that she has been wrestling with…


Everything else disappears.

It just dissolves.

It’s like another part of our mind takes over… and the so-called knowledgeable mind doesn’t exist.

One can be the CEO of a company or one can be an office boy… it just doesn’t matter.

This compassionate moment seems to unite us all… regardless of our status and our past.

There is a complete wholeness at that moment… not just for yourself, but for the person you are helping.

The walls of our egos disappear.

What remains is just a feeling of bliss and satisfaction.