If you are a NASA scientist, you can’t afford to be imperfect in your work. Your work cannot have any room for error.

Because of your mistake, an astronaut might lose her life.

The same holds true if you are a neurosurgeon.

In professions like these, perfection is a friend.

But in many many professions, perfection is not a friend.

It is simply our Ego holding us back.

Like Seth Godin says, perfection is a way to hide.

The thing that you call ‘Perfection’, might be your way to hide from criticism. You are hiding behind perfection because you don’t want to look stupid in front of people.

If you are writing that song, after a point, you just need to publish it. 

If you are writing that book, after a point, you just need to publish it.


How to identify between “Good perfection” and “Bad perfection”?

It is the intention.

The NASA scientist needs to have the best intentions for the astronauts. His imperfection might lead to their death. And to protect them, he needs to be perfect.

But for an English school teacher, the intentions are to help the students become the best versions of themselves.

And hence, saying “I will start teaching English only when I become as good as William Shakespeare” is a way of hiding.

It is your fear. It is your ego.

Getting the subtle difference?

Our intentions can help us understand the difference between “Good perfection” and “Bad perfection”.