We love falling in love.

How often does it happen that you see an attractive person, and somehow you convince them for a date…. And in your mind, you have married them and already had babies with that person?

A wiser choice would be to be present to the present!

Don’t dream of babies. Instead, take baby steps. Go on that first date. See how it goes. And then go again. The steps will give the necessary answers, fantasizing won’t.

Similarly, in our careers, we can get attached to an idea.

“I hate my corporate job. I think I will start a Chinese Restaurant of my own.”

Now, in your head, you can go on fantasizing about a future where I own a Chinese restaurant for a year, without taking any action whatsoever. Planning and fantasizing are different things, mind you.

Can you intern at a Chinese Restaurant first?

Can you start working on your abilities as a Chef?

Can you execute the smallest possible step?

It’s the action that gives the answer… and not the mental masturbation.

Test, don’t fantasize.