Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Everyone imitates before they innovate.”

When we decide to share our message with the world, a voice in our head says, “There is nothing new about the message that you are sharing.”

This holds us back.

Instead of sharing a ‘copied’ message we decide to not share any message at all!

But guess what? It is okay to imitate.

You could always start by sharing what you have learned from others. That will at least get you started.

Do give your teachers due credit though. 😉

Initially, it is not important to share something super original. It is important to set the discipline of showing up.

When we start to imitate, we make progress.

Just like an onion, we start peeling the outer layers. With time, after some peeling, we start reaching our innermost creative layers.

We start finding our voice. Our message becomes refined. It becomes original.

We don’t share our message once we find it. Instead, we start sharing it and then it comes to us.

So, start peeling that onion.