It is hard to imagine a monk running a business.

It is equally hard to imagine a CEO wearing saffron robes.

For the longest time, we have never been able to combine these 2 diverse concepts.

But things are changing for sure.

Yes, on one hand, there are businesses wanting to make a lot of money, which isn’t necessarily wrong.

But on the other hand, there are successful brands like Apple, Airbnb, Harley Davidson and so on… which became successful by creating value.

They earned trust by solving problems.

They gained attention by telling interesting stories which people connected with.

For them, commerce comes after providing value.

Not the other way round.

And hence, business people and their employees need to cultivate values like generosity, empathy, compassion, deep listening and so on.

Without these values, how do we expect to understand our target market?

Spirituality now holds a significant place in the business world.

No wonder we see so many successful entrepreneurs, C level executives and even artists starting their day with spiritual practices.