With the kind of noise that is there in the market, it is becoming extremely difficult to ‘get more reach’ and ‘visibility’.

Reach is such a safe word. Pursuing this goal is like a delusional quest that we are on, instead of doing the actual work. Maybe, just maybe, you don’t need to get more reach!

I have already spoken about focusing small through this short article (Link: Marketing is not about being louder! ),
and also through this essay – The Missing Element in Marketing )

How can we define the success matrix then?

We need to be mindful about the objectives that we set. One agency that I interacted with was advising the client to pump in money for the ‘Facebook Page Like’ campaign. The reason was simple – Seeing more fans, will make the client feel that we have put in a lot of work.

Reach, in many cases, is just a trap. It’s a mechanism to feed the ego.

Let’s take an example: Let’s assume that you are a stand-alone Chinese restaurant in New Delhi and your monthly budget of Marketing is Rs. 1 lakh. How are you going to spend it? Will you be investing the whole money in your ‘reach’? If the answer is yes, you need to rethink.

A restaurant caters to a certain area only. This means that there are only limited people that you want to target… which means that you don’t need to target the whole world. Why focus on getting more and more reach then? What’s the point?

Are you telling interesting stories? Are you earning trust through your Marketing? Are you using Digital Marketing to connect with people? Because I will tell you what… reach and visibility will only take you to a point. After that, brands need to focus on building trust.