What are the moments that change you forever?

Was it the first time you entered the swimming pool? Was it the first public talk that you gave? Was it the first blog article that you published? Was it the first client that you signed up?

Why are these moments so special and memorable?

We all are afraid. To hide from this fear, we naturally try to play it safe. We try to fit in. We try to avoid risky situations.

That is the reason why public speaking always seems so scary. But when you give that talk for the first time, you feel a different kind of a high… a different kind of happiness. One that is priceless, one which cannot be fathomed by words. Chances are that after your first talk, you start loving it so much… that you can’t wait to get on the stage again.

But what if you actually listened to that fear and didn’t give your first talk? You would have missed out on this beautiful experience. To explore our possibilities and our boundaries, we first need to engage with fear. As Seth Godin says, “We need to dance with this fear.”

In the moments when we are afraid… if only we become aware of this fear… if only we are kind to ourselves and this fear… new possibilities will open.

These moments change us forever. We are never the same again.