Anurag Salunke asked me this really cool question.

Is Marketing a skill or a talent?

Let’s start with understanding what Marketing consists of.

Marketing consists of everything.

Let’s take a very specific example.

Let’s say that you are launching a new car. What all is included in the Marketing of that car?

Marketing won’t just be about running ads to create awareness about that car. Marketing won’t just be about creating that commercial on TV.

Marketing will also include the designing details of the car.

The way in which the salesperson speaks to the prospects will also be a part of Marketing.

The web analytics will need to be analysed. This is also Marketing.

Even the pricing of the car will be a part of the Marketing. Is it a luxurious car? Is it an affordable one? All of this is Marketing.

The point is that Marketing is everything. It is a creative process.

Now Anurag, lets take your example.

You are a guitarist. I don’t think that your Marketing just consists of your band’s Facebook page. It isn’t about your website as well. But it goes much deeper than that.

It goes as deep as the music that you make, or the story that you tell through your music. Chester from Linkin Park used to tell a story. Justin Bieber tells a different story! All of this is Marketing.

So coming to your question – Is Marketing a skill or a talent?

All of us are trying to create art. All of us are trying to spread our idea and connect with our tribe.

Marketing is a skill that we develop. It has to be… because we all are creators.