I am a Marketer and I don’t know what I am doing.

A Marketer is someone who can make his clients dreams come true. The client may have a really remarkable idea, and all he needs is some Marketing to make that idea spread. You can imagine the pressure on the Marketer.

However, a Marketer hasn’t had it all figured out. Every client is different, every scenario is different.

The pressure is good though. It brings the best out of him. But… a Marketer hasn’t had it all figured out. There is no road-map. What can the Marketer do then?

A Marketer can explore and make his own-road map. Now in the process of making a road-map, the Marketer will make mistakes! Rather, if the Marketer is not making mistakes, there is something which is wrong.

Clients have the responsibility of creating an environment where a Marketer is allowed to fail! If you want your Marketer to be a perfect, invincible rock, you are mistaken. Just like everyone, a marketer is vulnerable.

What we can do is say to him, “Dude, don’t give in to your fear. Do your best. Let’s learn from our mistakes.”