When it comes to designing a landing page, it is very tempting to keep the application process very easy.

The logic is simple – Keep the form-filling process very easy so that many users fill the form. The quantity of the leads will be high, and thus we will be able to convert.

“We want to keep the form right in front so that the drop-off rate is low. I want the prospects to see the form and fill it immediately.”, said the client.

I did not agree.

My suggestion is – Don’t make it easy for the audience to fill up the form. Let them find the form. Let there be a number of fields.”


Not because I am a sad, demented marketer who gets a high by troubling the users.


Because I really want those people to fill up the form, who are genuinely interested in what I have to offer. I want to enroll people in the journey. If there is someone who is indecisive about my service, he is either not my target market, or I still haven’t won him over yet.

After the lead generation process, I would rather call 50 people and convert 10 of them… rather than calling 500 people and convert only 5.

Let us not be insecure and focus on quantity. Focussing on quality is always better in the long run.