Most of us have past experiences, some traumas, conditioning which affect our day to day lives.

When your boss gives you feedback, you are not actually angry at him. You might be angry at a family member who never treated you well as a child.

While some of us have been lucky because we haven’t faced extreme hardships, some have not been so lucky and whatever they have faced in the past is extremely intense.

Most of the times, these wounds don’t heal if we don’t give them any attention.

We just put these wounds behind a band-aid, without cleaning them first. The band-aid just gives us temporary relief, before the wound starts haunting us again.

What is true healing then? True healing isn’t pleasant at all.

It is a painful process. Just like extracting a bad tooth, it is painful.

But as we take on this difficult journey, we start unlocking deeper happiness. The wounds are finally addressed to.

How do we heal then?

We heal with spiritual practices. We heal by being aware of these wounds. We heal by being kind to ourselves. We heal by accepting these wounds and accepting the pain that comes with these wounds.

Most of all, we heal by caring for each other.