How can we get Marketing results without investing in heavy budgets? 

I was asked this question by a friend.

Let us deconstruct the question here. 

  1. When you say results, what do you exactly mean?
  2. Are the results measurable? 

Let’s take an example –

You have launched a cafe and you have 2 primary objectives –

  1. Creating awareness for the new cafe.
  2. Increasing footfalls in the cafe

So the question can now be re-framed like this –

How can I indulge in Marketing which will enable me to get in front of 10,000 people living in the vicinity of the cafe, and how can I ensure that I get 50 people to visit the cafe every day?

Breaking your Marketing objectives into SMART goals like these is extremely important. It ensures that we do not wander aimlessly, but focus on clear measurable goals!

Now focussing on the 2nd part –

How do we do this with minimal budget investment for Marketing?

It is difficult to give one answer to this question.

Let me give it a shot.

Marketing is just not advertising. Marketing is a part of the product/service itself.

Are you building enough remarkability in your product? Are you empowering people to talk about your business to other people? How will you touch people in a way, that automatically makes people tell others about your services?

If you focus on these things, the word will spread organically.