Many people come and tell me that they don’t know what their passion is. They are totally unclear about the work that they want to do.

In these situations, it is very easy to panic, get anxious and worried. We can also get into a self-judgment mode.

So forget about finding your passion. Do this one simple exercise today –

The exercise is simple – Find one thing, and make it better.

If you are a receptionist, find one way of improving the way you answer your phone and implement it… so that the whole conversation becomes better.

If you are an HR, change one thing about recruitment today, which will make the whole process better.

If you are an Accountant, find and change to ensure that all the invoices are processed on time and improve your relationship with the vendors.

When we make one thing better, we taste the excitement. We also taste the satisfaction of solving a problem. That gives us the confidence to move ahead.

Slowly, we start becoming a problem-solver.

When we make one thing better, we move closer towards the work that we are supposed to be doing.

So don’t find your passion; that’s too much work. Just make one thing better today.