Image credits: Charles Ng


Pranav is an egomaniac. And sometimes, he is very wise!

When Pranav is an egomaniac- 

I am more concerned about ‘looking good’ and ‘being right’ in front of people. I want to be the Hero and impress everyone. In these situations, I am not curious about the project. Instead, I am insecure and I am trying to protect myself. Not only do I live in fear, but I don’t learn anything as well!

Pranav is afraid.


When Pranav is being wise –

I am very curious about the project that I am working on. I am very open to the feedback that I am getting from the other people. I am listening intently and looking to make my work better. This is where the ‘aha moments’ happen. This is where I learn and grow.

Pranav is curious!


Both these sides are opposite…

What we can do is be mindful of both these sides and nurture the curious side, rather than the fear side.

Curiosity over fear!