Whenever someone is facing a problem, and they decide to talk to you about it, there can be 2 types of conversations –

Conversation 1:

In this kind of a conversation, the person who is facing a problem is extremely frustrated. He just wants to vent out. He is not really looking for a solution; he simply wants someone to hear him out and share his pain.


Conversation 2:

In this kind of a conversation, the person is seeking feedback. He has presented his challenge to you and wants your help in dealing with this challenge.


As a listener, if we fail in discerning the type of conversation, we will fail in helping the other person.

If we are having Conversation 1, and we suggest solutions to the other person, he is not going to feel better.

In conversation 2, if we don’t give any feedback, he is not going to be happy about it.

P.s. – To make things better, we need to have more Conversation Twos, than Conversation Ones.