While driving, what do we do when we come across a turn which has a blind spot?

Do we completely stop our car and wait for the blind spot to go away?

No. Because the blind spot never goes away.

Do we ignore the blind spot and drive rashly hoping that no accidents take place?

No. That’s too risky.

What do we do then?

We slow down. We honk. We flash the headlights. But we keep moving.

Life is kinda similar. We come across blind spots. We are confused.

We do not know what the next step is. If we stop and wait for clarity, it won’t come to us. If we ignore the confusion, it’s too risky and directionless.

Instead, if we could acknowledge the confusion and slowly work through it, eventually we come across clarity.

Do not stop. It’s just a blind spot. Keep moving through the confusion.