Marketers love blueprints.

We love step-wise guides. We love to follow a plan of action which will give us sure-shot results. It is proven. It just feels safe.

However, a real Marketer knows that there is no guide or a blueprint which will ensure success. Yes, a Marketer needs to pick references and observe things that work. But ultimately, a Marketer needs to create her own mix; a Marketer needs to create her own road-map.

Creating a road-map is scary, of course. Creation always comes with failures. There is hardly anyone who succeeds in the first attempt. By undertaking this process of creation, a Marketer is opening herself to the possibility of failures. The mind doesn’t like that. The mind doesn’t like fear and uncertainty. However, a Marketer needs to navigate through these emotions.

A real Marketer accepts this fear as a part and parcel of the undertaking. A real Marketer doesn’t follow a map. She creates one.

The next time you are publishing a Facebook post, ask yourself if you are doing it just for the sake of following a blueprint or are you genuinely trying to create a road-map.